Gear List

This list is by no means all-inclusive! Our inventory is always expanding to serve the needs of fellow tone seekers.
Please contact us for that special guitar-related item you wish to use, even if you don't see it here.


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Acoustic Instruments
Natural, mahogany back, 5 string

Sunburst, spruce top, maple back & sides, jumbo, Fishman Elipse Aura pickup system

Sunburst, square neck, Paul Beard signature model

Sunburst, spruce top

Natural, Adirondack spruce top, mahogany back & sides, small body, no pick up

Natural, solid top, laminate back & sides

Natural, spruce top, Sapele back & sides, grand auditorium w/cutaway, expression system electronics

Natural, gloss spruce top, sapele back and sides, grand symphony, ES pick-up

Electric Instruments
Black, 2 Seymour Duncan humbuckers, Strat body style, Floyd Rose tremolo, USA

TV yellow, 2 Jason Lollar P90s, mahogany body, similar to Les Paul Jr., single cutaway

Black, 2 lipstick pickups, single cutaway

Black, 2 lipstick pickups, double cutaway

Butterscotch, Seymour Duncan mini humbucker neck pickup, reissue

Cherry red, 2 humbuckers

Light amber burst, flame top, from 2003

Nitrocellulose “Gretsch orange” finish, TV Jones classic pickups, Bigsby vibrato

Fire-glo, single coil Ric pickups, semi hollowbody

Bass Gear
Sunburst, maple neck

midnight wine, inlaid white fretline markers

600 watts, 2x10 combo

18 watts, 2x12 combo, EL84s, tremolo

30 watts, 1x12 combo, EL84s, reverb
*same control layout as Matchless DC-30

80 watts, 2 channel head, EL34's, reverb, footswitch

Celestion classic 80, closed back, dual ported

Larger sized, Celestion Vintage 30s

18 watts, 1x12 combo, EL84’s, 2 channels footswitchable

37 watts, head, 6V6's, reverb, 2 separate channels

Celestion 12M Greenbacks

32 watts, head, KT-66's

Thiele ported cabinet, Celestion G12H and Vintage 30

18 watts, 1x12 combo, EL84's

12 watts, 1x12 combo, 6V6's, tweed handwired

40 watts, 2x12 combo, 6L6’s, tweed handwired

45 watts, 4x10 combo, 6L6's, tweed

60 watts, 1x12 combo, 6L6’s, reverb, channel switching

60 watts, 3x10 combo, 6L6’s, reverb, tremolo, Custom Shop, handwired

22 watts, 1x12 combo, 6V6's, reverb, tremolo

50 watts, head, EL34's

Celestion Vintage 30's

30 watts, 2x12 combo, EL84’s

15 watts, 2x10 combo, EL84's

38 watts, single channel head, EL34’s, power scaling

Compact cab, semi open back, 2 THD speakers

SCZ-1 Chorus
EWS Mod Chorus
TU2 Tuner (2 available)
DD5 Digital Delay
CS3 Compression/Sustain
FRV1 '63 Fender Reverb
Budwah wah wah
Ernie Ball
VP Jr.
OCD overdrive
Full-Drive 2
Catalyst fuzz/boost/overdrive
mini DejaVibe
TS-9 tube screamer
TS-808 tube screamer

Java Boost treble booster
Fuzz head
Katana clean boost
Line 6
DL4 delay modeler
POD 2.0 amp/effects modeler
Carbon Copy analog delay
Auto Q auto wah
Phase 90 phaser
TIM overdrive
StroboFlip virtual strobe tuner
Prescription Electronics
Experience fuzz/octavia
Sonic Research
Turbo Tuner ST-200 strobe pedal

TC Electronics
Stereo Chorus Flanger
Tech 21
Boost D.L.A. tap tempo delay
SansAmp GT2 tube amp emulator
Voodoo Lab

Pedal Power

Pedal Power 2+
Pedal Power 2+
Analog Chorus
Proctavia fuzz/octave


Satriani Time Machine delay
Way Huge

Green Rhino MkII

Red Llama MkII
Ring Worm ring modulator

BB preamp crunch/boost
EP booster

Cases & More

Pedaltrain PT2 — large, built in Pedal Power 2, hard case
Pedaltrain PT, Jr. — small, built in Pedal Power 2, hard case


Ultracase GSX-6 guitar boat — pro stand, holds 6 instruments
Ultracase GSX-4 guitar boat — pro stand, holds 4 instruments